Devoted Creations

Color Rush Collection


Devoted Creations is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tanning lotions and skin care products possible for today's tanner. DC indoor tanning lotions and skin care moisturizers will leave you feeling refreshed, re-energized and revitalized with a healthy tan. All product lines and skin care products are entirely cruelty free towards animals. Whether you are looking to start tanning or are an experienced tanner looking to achieve darker results, Devoted Creations tanning products are for you.

COLLAGENetics Spa Collection


Several Devoted Creations products specifically for Red Light Therapy!

Twilight Teeth:

Whiten While You Tan!

This specially designed kit can be used during a tanning session or on-the-go thanks to our UV Whitening Light.

Twilight Teeth quickly absorbs during a tanning session, allowing for effortless whitening while you tan.

Our simple application process & no-rinse formula allows you to go about your day the moment you remove the mouthpiece.